Alcatel Lucent RANCID scripts

At the 2010 Supercomputing conference this year, one of my tasks was to get RANCID working on the Alcatel Lucent 77xx series. for some this may have been a simple task, but for me, a self taught and inefficient programmer, it was something... Read more →

Android (Nexus One) or iPhone?

*Cross posted from my personal blog since it’s a technical subject* That is the million dollar question on many phone geeks minds. The iPhone is really a love it or hate it kind of device, much like Apple stuff in general. Android,... Read more →

Viewing ipv6 router advertisements

I knew a tool like this had to exist, but I had never needed to look in the past.  While debugging a RA problem, I come upon the need to view IPv6 router advertisements.  How can one do this?  tcpdump?  Yeah, I guess that could work.  It’s... Read more →
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