Headless VirtualBox host on CentOS

Starting from a base CentOS system with nothing configured, and referencing the CentOS wiki, here is how I like to set up a headless virtualbox environment: Disable selinux. It’s overly cumbersome and is enabled by default in CentOS.  I... Read more →

Diff RANCID router configs with SVN

If you are running a network and aren’t using RANCID, you should give it a serious look.  RANCID is a cross platform configuration management toolkit for backing up router configurations and certain environmental and hardware information... Read more →

DNS utilities on CentOS

It’s always annoying to me, being a convert from *BSD to Linux, that tools lke dig and host aren’t in the minimal base install.  I realise that this makes me somewhat of a hypocrite, as I prefer an additive system rather than a... Read more →
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