IPv6 Feature Matrix (Again)

There has been some recent chatter on the IPv6 Ops mailing list about the feature matrix. Sadly, I’ve let this sort of wither on the vine for a while in favor of OpenFlow and SDN.  At the end of the day, though, as a whole we actually... Read more →

My SDN soapbox (now with IPv6!)

This week there was a lot of buzz about SDN (as usual). There was a lightreading thread that I commented on and a fantastic read by Brent Salisbury about being the steamroller and not the road that got me thinking about OpenFlow and SDN in... Read more →

Tuning BGP installed IPv6 routes

I’ve recently run into a situation where there was no longer enough space in the FIB to handle both the full IPv4 global table and the full IPv6 global table.  We prefer to run a default-free network within this particular SP network,... Read more →

IPv6 Toolkit 1.3 fun – scan6

Recently SI6 released the IPv6 Toolkit 1.3   This release is on the heels of this IETF draft  on IPv6 host scanning.  It was long thought that scanning an IPv6 network was impossible.  The address space was too large and reliably ascertaining... Read more →
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