Where will Cisco go from here?

After reading Stephen Fosketts post “How Will Cisco Recover From The Consumer Strategy Blunder?“, it got me thinking.  It’s a very different world than when Cisco got started all those years ago.  I don’t have any brand... Read more →

Random Tech Predictions for 2013

I have a love-hate feeling about “predictions” about the upcoming year, especially tech predictions.  I don’t like media sensationalism of any kind, and a lot of the tech predctions are just that, sensational, extreme talk... Read more →

Plexxi could be WDM for the rest of us.

Plexxi is an interesting product that has recently emerged in the data center space.  While data center, fabric and cloud are all the rage in the buzzword world of data networking, this one caught my attention because it was something unique... Read more →
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