I’ve recently taken to thinking a lot more about IPv6.  I’ve been using an HE tunnel for as long as I can remember at home.  This poses an interesting question about addressing.  Since I have not had a public address block at home for almost 7 years, I have been using NAT for IPv4.  However, my IPv6 netblocks are a /64 and a /48, which are both far more address space than I could ever possibly use.
There are more IPv4/IPv6 transitional mechanisms than a person could ever need, and…

I had been discussing IPv6 address precedence recently and realized that I’d never really messed with it.  I have a FreeBSD host that has multiple IPv6 addresses, an EUI-64 address as well as a statically assigned address.  If you don’t know what IPv6 or EUI-64 is, I suggest you brush up because IPv6 is coming and it’s coming sooner than you thing.