I am usually available for evening project based work or event based consultation in the following areas. I am not available for on-call types of work of as I have a full time day job.

Contact me for details. I would be happy to provide a quote or provide a lead for someone who can.


  • External traffic optimization and tuning
  • New service turn up
  • Evaluation of services
  • IPv4 and IPv6 services

I have been doing BGP and IGP work for over 17 years and have extensive experience in the service provider space as well as large high performance and campus networks.

Security auditing

From hardening early service provider networks to analyzing intrusions as an impartial 3rd party and working with law enforcement.

Monitoring and management

  • NetFlow/sFlow implementation
  • SIEM/log management
  • Baseline creation and evaluation

I am a staunch proponent of good monitoring and useful baselines and have implemented single purpose and turn key monitoring systems for the last 20 years.


  • Guest blogs
  • Technical writing
  • White paper creation and consultation
  • Opinion pieces
  • Technical forecasting

I am a frequent contributor to several online publications as well as several non-technical blogs.


  • Guest lecturing
  • Workshop instruction
  • Conference and event sessions

I have been speaking in front of large and small crowds for as far back as I can remember. From instructing workshops on IPv6 and teaching FBI agents black hat techniques to guest lecturing at R1 universities and doing podcasts, I have done a fair share of public speaking.

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