Add a simple set of VLANs to a CCR or other non-CRS RouterBoard.

/interface vlan 
add interface=sfpplus1 name=sfpplus1.4 vlan-id=4 comment="VLAN ID 4"
add interface=sfpplus1 name=sfpplus1.5 vlan-id=5 comment="VLAN ID 5"
add interface=sfpplus1 name=sfpplus1.6 vlan-id=6 comment="VLAN ID 6"
add interface=sfpplus1 name=sfpplus1.7 vlan-id=7 comment="VLAN ID 7"
add interface=sfpplus1 name=sfpplus1.8 vlan-id=8 comment="VLAN ID 8"
add interface=sfpplus1 name=sfpplus1.9 vlan-id=9 comment="VLAN ID 9"

Add IP addressing to each VLAN

/ipv6 address 
add address=2001:db8:c33e:f0::1/64 advertise=no
add address=2001:db8:c:f4::1/64 advertise=yes interface=sfpplus1.4 
add address=2001:db8:c:f5::1/64 advertise=yes interface=sfpplus1.5 add address=2001:db8:c:f6::1/64 advertise=yes interface=sfpplus1.6 
add address=2001:db8:c:f7::1/64 advertise=yes interface=sfpplus1.7 
add address=2001:db8:c:f8::1/64 advertise=yes interface=sfpplus1.8 
add address=2001:db8:c:f9::1/64 advertise=yes interface=sfpplus1.9 

Add legacy IPv4 addressing for each VLAN

/ip address
add address= interface=sfpplus1 comment="Native VLAN"
add address= interface=sfpplus1.4
add address= interface=sfpplus1.5
add address= interface=sfpplus1.6
add address= interface=sfpplus1.7
add address= interface=sfpplus1.8
add address= interface=sfpplus1.9