As a small to medium ISP, why you should deploy IPv6

IPv6 has been a crusade of mine for well over a decade. Wether it is teaching IPv6 workshops, offering advice to new users, answering questions, or evangelizing it ad nauseam, it is an important topic to me. The ISP world holds a special place in my heart since a good deal of my early experience came from building or assisting regional ISPs. Recently I had a fun opportunity to talk about deploying IPv6 on The Brothers WISP podcast.

This was a really fun experience, and if you’re looking at deploying v6, take a listen (or watch) to this – it should give you the basics or at the very least a place to start.


Links to discussed topics

IPv4/IPv6 subnetting tool: sipcalc

Online version

Great, Free training for IPv6, plus a free T-Shirt if you complete it. HE IPv6 certification

DHCPv6 alternatives (YES, it exists)

Looking to see if folks are tunneling using 6to4 or Teredo in your network? Do netflow searches for these anycast addresses: (6to4) (Teredo)

Information on SLAAC (Auto-configuration)

You might also be interested in a DNS podcast I did with Brothers WISP a while ago.

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