Network Field Day 7

A while ago I got an email asking me to participate in Network Field Day 7.  I was very happy and humbled to get asked again since I wasn’t able to attend NFD5 or NFD6 for various reasons outside of my control (although I did try to participate with NFD5  remotely).   If you’re unfamiliar with the tech field day series, you should spend a little time and learn about the value it brings.  There are archived video feeds of previous conferences and live feed and social media outlets for current field days.

To be included in such an event is an amazing experience in and of itself, but to be included with a technical group like this is pretty humbling.  This NFD includes the likes of Bob McCouchBrandon CarrollChris MargetEdward HenryEthan BanksGreg FerroJohn Herbert,Josh O’BrienMatt OswaltPaul Stewart, and Teren Bryson.  All very competent and forward thinking folks in the networking and IT fields.  If this isn’t enough to get you interested in the value of this event, let me tell you about the schedule.

I’m particularly excited about this lineup, it’s a great mix of production, innovation and forward thinking thinking participants and the opportunity to have the brain trust in the aforementioned list around to discuss networking with is invaluable.

Tune in. Participate. #NFD7 hashtag on Twitter.



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