IPv6 Features matrix for Network Hardware

I’ve been doing a lot of IPv6 stuff lately, and one of the things I didn’t find (and kinda just wanted to put one together for my own benefit) is a matrix of features I thought were important to have on the IPv6 side for common network hardware. Below is a work in progress of what I have so far, which will automatically publish changes from this spreadsheet. Please email me if you’re interested in adding to this or correcting anything I may be incorrect on.

This has evolved into something else entirely. I’ve had a very good response to this very rudimentary start of a feature matrix and have decided that it’s going to get expanded into whatever it needs to become. I’ve added the start of a matrix for network security hardware / appliances here.
I may eventually break this out into L2 and L3 as well as security appliances.

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  1. This is a decent list for the stackable stuff. Routing protocols should really be broken out into another list, or maybe the lists should be reworked into stackable and chassis. I’m personally more interested in the chassis stuff because thats what I use, but all of it is important and relevant.

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